Schifino Lee Designs Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo's Karamu Event Material

Aug 15, 2022

Welcome to Schifino Lee Designs' collaboration with Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo for the Karamu event. As a leading digital marketing agency, Web 360 Studio takes pride in showcasing innovative and creative projects that push boundaries.

Unleashing Creativity: Karamu Event Material Design

When it comes to capturing the true essence of Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo's annual Karamu event, Schifino Lee Designs steps up to the challenge. With their unmatched expertise in design and branding, they have created a truly remarkable and immersive experience for attendees.

The Karamu event is a celebration of African-inspired cuisine, culture, and entertainment. It is a vibrant and colorful gathering that aims to bring together people from all walks of life. Schifino Lee Designs has successfully translated this spirit into the event materials, ensuring every aspect reflects the rich diversity and energy of the occasion.

Designing for Impact

Schifino Lee Designs understands the importance of making a lasting impression. Through their meticulous attention to detail and unique design concepts, they have crafted event materials that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

From the moment guests receive their invitations to the interactive signage and promotional banners throughout the event, every element is strategically designed to create a cohesive and visually stunning experience.

Branding with Purpose

Web 360 Studio recognizes the significance of effective branding in digital marketing. By partnering with Schifino Lee Designs, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo has successfully extended their brand identity to the Karamu event, reinforcing their commitment to conservation and community engagement.

The incorporation of the zoo's logo, colors, and unique typography into the event materials establishes a strong connection between the Karamu event and the zoo itself. This cohesive branding strategy helps to enhance brand recognition and increases the event's overall impact.

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