Schifino Lee Helps Cross-Bay Ferry Achieve Big Ridership Gains

Sep 20, 2019


Web 360 Studio, a prominent player in the Business and Consumer Services industry, has partnered with Schifino Lee, an esteemed marketing agency, to assist Cross-Bay Ferry in achieving remarkable ridership gains. This strategic collaboration between Web 360 Studio and Schifino Lee has proven to be a game-changer.

The Cross-Bay Ferry Success Story

Cross-Bay Ferry, a popular transportation service, came to Web 360 Studio with a vision to expand their ridership and enhance their brand's online presence. Recognizing the potential and challenges, Web 360 Studio joined forces with Schifino Lee to devise a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that yielded extraordinary results.

Understanding the Objectives

Web 360 Studio initiated the project by gaining a deep understanding of Cross-Bay Ferry's goals and aspirations. The team meticulously studied the competitive landscape, identified the target audience, and analyzed market trends to create a tailored strategy.

Building a Powerful Digital Presence

With a focus on strengthening Cross-Bay Ferry's brand identity, Web 360 Studio employed a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and high-end copywriting. By optimizing the website's content and incorporating relevant keywords, the team ensured improved rankings on Google and other search engines.

SEO and Copywriting Excellence

Web 360 Studio prides itself on employing top-notch SEO and copywriting practices to deliver exceptional results. Understanding that content is king, the team created highly engaging and informative blog posts, articles, and landing pages that captivated the target audience.

Optimizing Keywords

Through extensive keyword research, Web 360 Studio identified the most relevant and highly searched keywords in the transportation sector. By skillfully incorporating these keywords into the website's content, the team enhanced its visibility, ultimately driving more traffic and conversions for Cross-Bay Ferry.

Creative Content Creation

Web 360 Studio's team of expert copywriters crafted compelling content that seamlessly blended creativity with valuable information. By sharing captivating stories, industry insights, and engaging visuals, the team successfully positioned Cross-Bay Ferry as a leading player in the transportation industry.

Driving Results and Gaining Traction

The strategic collaboration between Web 360 Studio and Schifino Lee had a profound impact on Cross-Bay Ferry's ridership. Through a meticulously executed digital marketing campaign, the ferry service experienced significant growth in its customer base.

Increasing Organic Traffic

Web 360 Studio's expertise in SEO resulted in a noticeable increase in organic search traffic to Cross-Bay Ferry's website. By targeting specific keywords and optimizing the website's architecture, the team ensured that the website ranked prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Enhancing User Experience

Web 360 Studio's dedication to providing an exceptional user experience played a pivotal role in boosting Cross-Bay Ferry's success. The team optimized website speed, improved navigation, and created user-friendly interfaces, all of which contributed to higher visitor engagement and conversion rates.


In partnership with Schifino Lee, Web 360 Studio has played a vital role in elevating Cross-Bay Ferry's performance in terms of ridership gains. By implementing top-tier SEO strategies and crafting captivating copy, Web 360 Studio was able to surpass competitors and secure a prominent position in Google's search rankings. This collaboration exemplifies Web 360 Studio's commitment to excellence in providing digital marketing solutions for businesses in the Business and Consumer Services industry.

Gloria Smith
Great news! πŸ‘πŸš’ The collaboration between Web 360 Studio and Schifino Lee has proven to be a game-changer for Cross-Bay Ferry πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ Achieving remarkable ridership gains is a clear indication of their strategic prowess and expertise. Kudos to both teams for a successful partnership! πŸŒŸπŸ‘
Nov 11, 2023