Welcome to Hillsborough County Arts Council

Aug 13, 2020

About the Hillsborough County Arts Council

The Hillsborough County Arts Council is a dedicated organization that aims to support and promote the arts within Hillsborough County. We understand the importance of arts and culture in enhancing our community's overall quality of life, fostering creativity, and driving economic growth.

At the Arts Council, we strive to provide comprehensive resources, programs, and funding opportunities to reach individuals and organizations involved in various artistic disciplines, such as visual arts, performing arts, music, theater, and more. By fostering collaboration and creative expression, we aim to enrich the cultural fabric of Hillsborough County.


Grant Programs

One of the core services we offer at the Hillsborough County Arts Council is our grant programs. Our grants are designed to provide financial support to artists, performers, and organizations involved in artistic endeavors. We believe in nurturing the talent of both emerging and established artists and providing them with the necessary resources to thrive.

Our grant programs include:

  • Individual Artist Grants - designed to assist individual artists in pursuing their creative projects.
  • Arts Organization Grants - offering funding opportunities to nonprofit arts organizations that contribute significantly to the local arts scene.
  • Community Arts Development Grants - supporting community-based arts initiatives that engage diverse populations and promote inclusivity.

Arts Education

The Hillsborough County Arts Council is committed to advancing arts education and ensuring that the next generation has access to quality arts programs. We work closely with schools, educators, and community organizations to promote arts integration in curriculum and provide hands-on learning experiences.

Our arts education initiatives include:

  • Artist-in-Residence programs - connecting artists with schools to conduct workshops, performances, and mentorship programs.
  • Arts Scholarships - offering financial assistance to students pursuing higher education in the arts.
  • Arts Education Advocacy - lobbying for increased funding and support for arts education in schools.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of the arts to bring communities together and create meaningful connections. The Hillsborough County Arts Council organizes a range of events and community engagement programs that celebrate local talent and encourage community participation.

Our community engagement initiatives include:

  • Art Exhibitions - showcasing the work of local visual artists and providing a platform for artistic dialogue.
  • Performing Arts Showcases - featuring live performances by local musicians, dancers, actors, and more.
  • Public Art Installations - transforming public spaces with art installations that inspire, provoke thought, and beautify the community.

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